You’re moving??? What! Why? Where!

Big changes are happening in my life. In one week I will have packed up my belongings, loaded up my little car and be sitting on the Spirit of Tasmania moving to another state! Another island even! There are a lot of emotions running through me now; excitement, fear, joy, but the most consistent isContinue reading “You’re moving??? What! Why? Where!”

A group who gets me

I spent the weekend with an awesome group of people; worshipping God and seeking His heart for the nations. 14 months ago, I went on my first Next Steps camp. Looking back, I can see how that weekend clearly impacted the direction of the year that followed. It was on this weekend from May 2018Continue reading “A group who gets me”

A remarkable start to the year.

I’ve haven’t posted on my blog for a couple of weeks as I’ve been away for more nights than I’ve been home. Because I was curious, I counted it. For the first 6 weeks of this year I’ve slept in my own bed for 15 nights. Fifteen. Only 15 times! Fourteen of those nights IContinue reading “A remarkable start to the year.”

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

I shared a little bit in an earlier post about my heart for missions and why I’m writing this blog and what I hope you as the reader might take away from it. I wanted to take the time now to explain the meaning behind the name “Arise, Let’s go!” I spent a lot ofContinue reading “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”